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I started an on-the-side translator's career in 1996. I became a full-time freelance translator in 1999. In 2001 after an excursion of nearly 10 years in Germany I started a company called Well-Word Translations. In 2002 the company changed from a trade name to a Ltd company.

Well-Word Translations Ltd. specialises in translating technical documentation from German and English. As you can see from our list of references , we have been involved in translating many products for many well-known and leading companies; from our wide field of specialities, the car and printing machine industries are worth mentioning. With our wide network of co-operation partners we can offer you translations between virtually any two languages.

Our office is located in Haaga, Helsinki, and we use modern equipment, including what are called CAT (Computer Aided Translations) programs. One of the advantages of using CAT programs is that sentences that are often repeated in technical texts are only translated once; after the first translation the program gives the translator a ready-made translation when the same sentence appears in the text the next time. This is efficient in terms of costs and also keeps the terminology of the text whole.

Our clients are mainly companies (translation companies, too) in Central and Northern Europe. By providing professional translations reliably and for reasonable prices we intend to develop long collaborations with our clients.

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Mika Koivula

We are a member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters and we follow the union's common standard conditions of agreements .


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